A Simple, Maintenance-Free, Inexpensive Fencing Solution

Sheryl Whitney, Steadman's Ace Hardware's plumbing systems expert, has built an attractive, durable, maintenance-free fence around her home at 506 N. Lake Street in Miles City.

Fencing project

This inexpensive fencing solution is constructed using only three parts: treated 4"x4" fence posts, treated 2"x4s and galvanized hog panels. No stretching is required and since there is no sideways pressure on the fence posts, stout corner bracing is unnecessary.

easy fencing with hog panels

This fence is easy to erect, and because of the design of the galvanized hog panels, is suitable for keeping even small dogs inside – or outside – of the fenced area. The panels also allow for a substantially less obstructed view through the fence, compared to chain links and iron bar fencing techniques.

Feel free to drive by Sheryl's and have a closer look at this creative fencing, or visit with Sheryl about how she did it in the Plumbing Department at Steadman's Ace Hardware.


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